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Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
went around st. peter's square in an open pope mobile. you will remember that back in 1981, john pawl ii fell victim to an assassination attempt -- john paul ii fell victim to an assassination attempt. the vehicle was filled with plexiglass to protect the pope. the pope stopped to kiss some babies and he even got out and went to comfort a sick one. he talked about st. joseph in his homily and st. josephs need to protect the poor, the downtrodden and the fragile. it was a representation of the thing he was talking about. he also had another part of his mess arm for the assembled dignitaries. there were 130 around the world, including 30 heads of state who were here, and a dozen or so heads of government as well as officials from various religions around the world. he said authentic power is service. that must have been one of the message that he wanted to get across because he later tweeted that same line. >> and for all of the change that's happening, there's gonna be a lot of similarities because there's very little chance of any change as far as leaning toward liberal stances, roles
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
280 at john daly boulevard offramp but we don't know if there's injuries. police are still on the way. and to marin county, a little bit slow traffic between novato and san rafael which is typical. on highway 4 westbound, we have slow traffic in antioch and bay point and on 680 between concord and walnut creek. let's go to steve. >>> we have mostly clear skies. a few patchy clouds. not much in the way of any breeze. but that will pick up later. maybe a south wind will pick up later. it has some rain in it. but not until tuesday afternoon. san francisco which was 63 yesterday. we'll go 62 for a high. starting off mostly sunny. we'll see mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon and then cloudy by this evening. temperatures with more of a westerly breeze. 40s on the temperatures. one upper 30. that's santa rosa. antioch, 44, livermore, san jose, redwood city, san rafael. san rafael seems to be stuck at 44. there's your break in the clouds right now. but they will continue to roll in later this afternoon leading to rain by tuesday afternoon. highs today, 60s into -- some low 70s. tomorrow th
Mar 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
. >>> happening now -- secretary of state john kerry has arrived in afghanistan on an unannounced visit. kerry is meeting with afghan president, hamid karzai, amid concerns that karzai may be jepertiseing progress in the war there -- jeopardizing progress in the war there. he also met with anotherry al- nourile al-maliki -- nouri al- maliki. negotiations broke down over whether the u.s. would have the power to block the release of some detainees. an agreement over the weekend gives the u.s. the power to veto the release of prisoners. >>> the death of a soldier from hayward is being mourned by his family and friends. james grissan died on thursday after being wounded in afghanistan. he was a graduate of mount eden high school, earned an associate's degree from the arts of san francisco. he is survived by his wife, parents and sister. >>> the parents of a contra costa county marine killed in a murder-suicide will fly to washington, d.c. this week to bring the body of their daughter home. officials say sergeant eusebio lopez of pacifica shot and killed 19-year-old sara castromata of oakley on thu
Mar 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
.com and click on hot topics. >>> secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise trip to baghdad. kerry has been meeting with the leaders with other middle eastern nations. earlier he traveled to saudi arabia and egypt. last week he accompanied president obama to egypt. this is kerry's first trip to iraq after becoming secretary of state. >>> pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass in st. peters square. he road in a modified pope mobile. there was no class casing protecting him. 250,000 people gathered for the mass. the pope urged them to be humble and young at heart. he kept his spontaneous style and broke away several time from his prepared text he urged folks to lead simple yet productive lives. clergy and pilgrims palm and a live branches during that. >> today is the first sunday of spring. just a beautiful day out there. let's turn to rosemagoing to se a near repeat. even slightly warmer for some of our inland locations. tonight a little bit of a transition. first things first outside our door this morning it's a cool one once again giving you a live look there over the east bay
Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
. john f kennedy was assassinated. it was played after the september 11th attacks. other selections include pink floyd's the dark side of the moon. the original cast album of south pacific and the sound track to saturday night fever. >> 8:19. new evidence the universe was born much earlier than previously thought. a look into the split second after the big bang indicates the universe is 80 million years older than earlier theories. but the core concept of how it began and what it's made of are on the right track. scientists say the evidence -- to current expans in a fraction of a second. >> 8:20. will employees at one of the nation's biggest drug store chains now have to say how much they weigh or pay more for health insurance. cvs says their employees have to report health information including their weight or pay $50 a month for health insurance. have to report their body fat and blood pressure levels. that requirement is a violation of privacy. could lead to discriminations against workers over weight. cvs says it will not be seeing the results of those screenings. >> touchy subj
Mar 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
stayed the sale in john at 9.8%. however, the state saw the second largest increase in jobs with 254,000 added. here's a look at where we stand in the bay area. all counties are below the state average. marin county has the lowest unemployment rate at 5.5% while alameda and contra costa county are sitting at 8.2%. >>> the military mistakenly sent furlough notices to some national guard members. the notices were for two weeks unpaid time off. the defense department initially said it would send the notices to some 800,000 civilian employees at the end of this week because of the automatic sequester budget cuts. but the pentagon delayed notification after congress passed legislation to move some money around. the national guard is now working to rescind those notices. >>> bay area commuter airportses have avoided the budget axe. the faa released a list of the towers that would be shut down. towers at sacramento executive and salinas municipal airports will be closing. we've created this map which shows you some of the northern california airports. santa rosa, san carlos, napa, and the o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6